Since its humble beginnings in 1991, PT Bina Arta has evolved to become a major distributor in Indonesia. We source, develop, market and distribute a wide range of specialty and general chemicals to many industries including cosmetics and personal care, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, oil companies, and the tobacco industry.


For our valued clients in the pharmaceutical, food and beverages, perfumes and cosmetics industry, and oil companies. We supply them with white oil, Vaseline, microcrystalline waxes, hydroxyalcohol.


To our customers in the foam mattress and memory foam business across the country, we provide amine and silicone, TDI, PPG, methylene chloride.


With strong relationships with all our principals, we are committed to providing products of unparalleled quality and competitive prices to all our customers. Our knowledgeable and capable staff guarantees that our products will be delivered to your doorsteps in efficient and timely manner.

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